Government Training Seminars

With so many major changes and demands impacting the federal government today, remaining positive and upbeat can be an ongoing never-ending challenge. This is why Bob Potter dedicates himself to ensuring his seminars recognize and address participant's concerns and frustrations. As a result, All of his government training seminars are positive, proactive and results-oriented to each participant's personal and professional needs and requirements. If you've ever attended one of these fast-paced and goal oriented government training seminars, you know the benefits one leaves with. It's been this way for years and the fact that those who attended the very first seminars still acknowledge the power in these workshops - AND KEEP COMING BACK - serves as a powerful testimony.

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Government Contract Seminars

Productivity Advisory Services provides government contract seminars under a General Services Administration contract. Our government contract seminars are guaranteed to meet and exceed yours and your organizations training needs and expectations. As always, Robert L. Potter hosts all of these seminars with his powerful and inspirational personality. All training programs can be custom modified to meet your organizational needs and requirements and brought to your location. Be sure to visit our course availability page for information on our newest seminars.

Motivational Seminars

Any inspiration we can gain is beneficial not only to our careers but to our personal relationships outside the confines of our offices. Productivity Advisory Services' motivational seminars are designed to encourage free thinking in learning and applying successful motivational methods and approaches to participant's specific positions and departments/organizations. Bob Potter, President of Product Advisory Services and principal seminar instructor, brings extensive "hands-on" background and experience to his motivational and performance/productivity improvement seminars. He offers sixteen years of conduction successful seminars for the government and experience with major corporations designing and directing motivational and performance improvement programs. He has also taught graduate and undergraduate courses at major universities in these areas. If you've never experienced one of his powerful motivational seminars, we welcome the opportunity to show you and your staff members the power behind the workshops. These seminars are guaranteed and we offer incentives for multiple bookings, including a complimentary eleventh seminar if your first ten are scheduled within one calendar year and a complimentary fifth seminar day when you schedule and complete four seminar days in one week.

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